Fall Releases

Mic Drop and PitchFest Expansions

Hi everyone!

Greetings to many of you from Game Slice and Metatopia. You’ve all signed up for this mailing list because you were interested in Mic Drop and/or PitchFest. Oh, happy day! Calloo, callay! This is the season for you.

Releasing in September is Mic Drop, the mockumentary game where, while conducting an interview, the players collaboratively create the story of a dumpster fire of a band who just ended a train wreck of an album tour. During playtests, we’ve seen mafia stories, death (both deliberate and accidental), pyrotechnics, broken down buses, airplane crashes, ridiculous band drama, and of course, lots of sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll. It’s definitely time to turn it up to 11!
For the impatient among you, the Early Access version is available and playable right now. Early Access owners get a free upgrade to the final PDF (or print version) upon release.

Check it out at micdropgame.com

Additionally, Fall 2019 will see the release of the first standalone expansion for PitchFest, the party game where one player sits in the hot seat as a developer pitching a randomly generated video game idea to a room full of potential investors. The new expansion is Film Edition, allowing players to spend 15 minutes (give or take) as scriptwriters, producers, or directors pitching “genius” film ideas. Both the original Videogame Edition and the new Film Edition are playable separately, but combine both editions for even more variety!

Check out the Videogame Edition now at https://berdandy.itch.io/pitchfest — and stay tuned to this mailing list or follow Berdandy Studios on itch.io for further news on Film Edition.