Mic Drop Released!

Digital Release now, Print later...

The final 1.0 edition of Mic Drop is now available at http://micdropgame.com/ — the PDF edition is live now! Make your own rockumentary, invent a dumpster fire of a band, and follow their disasters into a train wreck of an album tour.

If you want a physical edition, that will be coming later this season — you can simply purchase the physical edition now and you will immediately get the PDF, and the physical edition will be sent out when ready. Think of it a bit like a Kickstarter, but it’s less stressful. As far as what is left to do, it’s mostly just minor technical layout issues with the proofs I’ve received (a sample of which is in the image above).

Berdandy Studios operates with a Community Copies model. Every purchase of Mic Drop (or any Berdandy Studios game) at the recommended price will unlock a copy of the game for the community to access for free for those in need. You can read more about this model in an earlier post in this newsletter here: https://berdandy.substack.com/p/community-accessibility-on-itchio