PitchFest: Film Edition for the Holidays

Dodging the gamer identity?

PitchFest is a game that demos well. By that, I mean, with its flexible player count, and raucous drop-in/drop-out play means that I can generally pull in a player or two, and in a few minutes drum up a crowd that goes beyond the 10 player maximum into spectator territory pretty easily.

And yet, the #1 question I’d always get would be for players to ask about other themes beyond video games. At this time, while almost everyone plays video games of some sort, not nearly as many people actually identify themselves as players of video games — and especially not gamers, which is a word that has garnered some negative stereotypes outside the culture.

It’s a fair comment too — it can be pretty daunting for someone to have to pitch “A Virtual Reality Role Playing Game about Sarcastic Pirates” if that’s not your jam. It’s arguably better to have something approachable like “A Parody Documentary Movie about Famous Relationships.” Both of which are real random pitches I just drew for this newsletter.

For those people, I’ve made PitchFest: Film Edition. It plays similarly, and both editions share the same (revised) rules. The big differences is that Film Edition has more ambiguity built into the cards — for instance, “Queens” may be easily interpreted as female monarchs, mating female bees, beauty pageant winners, or even drag queens… all four of which have happened during play-testing. It’s up to the players how they want to disambiguate during the Pitch — if they wish — the confusion can be delicious, after all.

And as a bonus during the holiday season, PitchFest: Film Edition is on sale in DriveThruCards’ Stocking Stuffer sale for another week. You can also mix together both Film and Videogame Editions to have one big multimedia game where you’re never quite sure what idea you’re going to be pitching. Simply combine the numbered decks from each edition.

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Happy Holidays!