Pungeons & Flagons: The Story

This weekend, I published my first tabletop game, Pungeons & Flagons. It's a classic indie RPG, in the same genre as various story-heavy games, like The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen and A Penny for My Thoughts. Like Munchausen and it's sibling game, Once Upon a Time, P&F is a competitive storytelling game: the various players compete for control of the story... by interrupting each other with puns.

But every good storytelling game needs a good story.

It was a dark and stormy night. The rum and ginger beer had run out, so I had to explore other alternatives. The keg was dry, and so were the other steakhouses, so I went up the lane to my favourite tavern, The Banned Bandit's Band Band. While The Band wasn't playing (they were banned), the Band was packed. There was a new contest at the Band. I had hopes that the new contest was not a no contest like the old contest contested. I was pleasantly surprised. By the contest; the overly hopped beer at the Band was a bitter disappointment. From that day forward, I told the story of Pungeons & Flagons. But sometimes backwards.