Ideas can shift your entire world.

Imagine you walked into a space -- a space that begins life as an empty box. The walls were blank. There were a few pieces of furniture, distinctive and styled, oddly out of place with the stark white room. The lights came on and projectors flickered into life, painting the bare walls with a world of imagination. Suddenly the contents of the room made sense. The ornate desk nestled into a cosy alcove decorated with images of stuffed manticores, dragonets and even the rarest basilisk (whose eyes were stitched shut for safety).

You had entered the space holding a small book with a screen instead of pages. Opening up the book revealed diary entries that you made in the past, talking about your innermost feelings. Turning the page revealed a list of spells and incantations. One such spell, titled "Promethean Fireworks" caught your eye. You ran your fingers over the runes and the spell vanished from the book. Thunder rolled as the walls erupted into a fantastic display of flame and spectacle, ending with a phœnix being borne aloft on fiery wings. You lit one of the manticores on fire, and its scorpion tail now forever resembles a charred match.

And yet, on another day, the book you were given contained listings of nanotech programs and routines for hacking through black ice.

A week later, the book featured musical passages that inspired armies to war... or peace. The very walls echoed with music as the ghosts of the battlefield rose to join the chorus.

The week after that, the book featured another musical that contained personal anthems that a chorus of witches sang to bring their spells into being... or just to make scones.

A month later, it is instead a portable control panel hooked up to the inner workings of a giant robot, and every subroutine seemed to trigger a theme song in Japanese, complete with blazing special effects visible out of the main control room you inhabited.

This is the world I want to build.

However, it's a big hairy idea, and going from zero to Mach 3 is not practical. I feel like a reasonable experience can still be crafted using similar concepts on a tabletop scale. In other words, personal digital "props" married to a tabletop role playing system that is custom-built around this hybrid experience.